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Green Living- Eco Friendly Books and Living Green


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Green Living
Eco Friendly Homes
Organic Gardening
Sustainable Living

Saving Water

Green Living

Learn how to live differently to help minimize the environmental impact on the world we live in. By education and learning about living green the earth will more likely be preserved for future generations of human beings and other life.

You will find books on Sustainable gardening, Composting, Saving water in the garden, Organic gardening Permaculture and Eco Friendly Home ideas

Companion Planting
Learn How To Get A High Yield, Healthy, Beautiful Garden.
Learn how to keep chickens, grow your own food and more.

Worm Farms Diy
How To Build And Manage A Worm Farm

Growing Gifts by Miller & Brown

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Eco Friendly Swimming Pool and Solar ...

Tips on Green Living

  • Install a rainwater tank;
  • Replace old showerheads with new water-saving showerheads;
  • Investigate solar design and use solar panels when possible;
  • Ride your bike or walk to work or school;
  • Invest in green technology companies;
  • Avoid investing in polluting companies;
  • Use phosphate-free laundry powder so that you can put washing water on the garden safely;
  • Leave the bath water in overnight and bucket it onto the garden when it cools down;
  • Limit showers to 3 minutes;
  • Save lawn clippings for mulch rather than throwing them away;
  • Buy refills wherever possible rather than buying a new container;
  • Put your food scraps in the compost bin rather than the garbage;
  • Use both sides of any paper rather than one side and throwing it out;
  • Turn all the powerpoints in your house off when you go on holidays;
  • Open the curtains and use natural light rather than turning lights on;
  • Put a jumper on if you are cold rather than turning the heating on;
  • If using an air conditioner, cool to 24 degrees as there is no need to go any lower;
  • Use the natural elements of wind and sun to dry your clothers;
  • Fill your dishwasher before turning it on. A full dishwasher uses the same amount of water as a half-filled one.

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