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Kylie Kwong
It Tastes Better
It Tastes Better'
Kylie Kwong has created over 100 recipes inspired by fresh, seasonal and sustainably produced food, including Salad of Poached Squid with Pickled Cucumber, Dill & Chilli, Red-Braised Lamb Shoulder with Roast Garlic & Tamari Dressing, and an irresistible Pavlova. Embarking on a journey around Australia to meet the people behind the sustainable produce she is so passionate about, Kylie learns about the care they take to produce food that literally tastes better.
My China: Stories and Recipes from My Homeland
My China: Stories and Recipes from My Homeland
Kylie Kwong's inspiring journey to explore the food and culture of a vast and enigmatic country. Her tireless quest for new encounters, techniques and flavours is captured with stunning location photography, richly textured narrative and 80 authentic recipes.

From the rural simplicity of her ancestral village in China's southwest to the wilds of the Tibetan plateau and the stylish modernity of Hong Kong and Shanghai, Kylie travels through ten different cities and provinces, recording her impressions and experiences- not just of the vast array of food and flavours, but also of the rich history, culture and people of a land she is passionate about.

Her own personality is a fusion of two nations- born and raised in modern Sydney, and shaped by Chinese traditions, culture and sensibilities, Kylie meets a China which is equally varied and full of extremes.

My China will inspire dreamers to travel and will whet the appetite for a taste of the orient. Recipes include: - Caramelised Pork with Ginger and Vinegar - Poached Asparagus with Soy Sauce, Chilli and Peanut Oil - Stir-fried Lotus Root with Fresh Shitake Mushrooms, Ginger and Carrot - Kung Po Chicken - Pumpkin Fritters
Heart and Soul
Heart and Soul
Australian-Chinese chef Kylie Kwong shares the recipes for the dishes she most loves to cook--whether for a simple supper of Hokkien noodles, a family celebration in her own home, or a glamorous cocktail party. Following the success of her first book, Kylie Kwong: Recipes and Stories, Kylie branches out from her Chinese culinary heritage to explore the cuisines of Europe, the Mediterranean, and North Africa. With the emphasis on intensity of flavour and using the finest produce, she creates mouth-watering dishes with inspired combinations of Western ingredients and Eastern techniques. With a fresh take on Chinese restaurant classics to treasured family favourites, this is food to be shared and enjoyed.
Kylie Kwong: Recipes and Stories

Kylie Kwong: Recipes and Stories
Presenting her recipes for fresh, approachable Chinese food that have seduced Sydney diners in recent years, Kylie Kwong reaches back into her family history to tell a fascinating story of the immigrant experience in Australia. In this celebration of cultural and culinary inspirations, recipes are intertwined with affectionate portraits of memorable meals-from cooking fried rice for her grandmother's boisterous mahjong sessions to the everyday ritual of shopping in Chinatown.

The richness and diversity of Kylie's cooking, and the culture that breathes life into it, are reflected in photos from her family album and her travels, as well as of the dishes that mean so much to her. For Kylie, food is both a way of life in the present and a link with the past and her Chinese Australian family heritage.

In this captivating book, Kylie shares the recipes she holds dear to her heart, and the memories they evoke. This is a very personal, intimate journey in the lively company of a fascinating family and the food that binds them together.

Simple Chinese Cooking
Simple Chinese Cooking
A companion to her second Australian television series, this appetizing and beautifully illustrated collection will earn Kwong a large American following. Seeking to demystify Chinese cooking for the uninitiated, she allocates ample space to the basics: equipment, ingredients and techniques along with recipes for tasty yet simple dishes. The well-known Sweet and Sour Pork is balanced by the less familiar Sung Choi Bao of Pork, providing treasures for both those learning about the cuisine and those who are looking for more diversity. Kwong offers a comprehensive look at all aspects of Chinese offerings-from stocks, soups and rice to meats, poultry and tofu. Soy Sauce Chicken is not to be missed, and neither is Crispy King Prawns with Honey and Garlic Sauce. Sections on Salads, Wontons and Pickles are an added bonus, highlighting such gems as Pickled Asparagus and Mint Salad and Button Mushroom Salad. Kwong also provides tips on menu planning, saving time, food for kids and what to drink with Chinese food. Highly recommended for all fans of Chinese food, this collection is a welcome addition to a crowded field. 150 full-color photos. (Feb.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
My China: A Feast for All the Senses
Kylie Kwong is a fourth generation Australian-Chinese, well known as the proprietor of the celebrated Billy Kwong restaurant in Sydney and as a respected cookery author. She has written many books on her beloved Chinese food and has had a number of popular TV series in which she explores the land and recipes of her ancestors.

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