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Olivia Goes to Venice Olivia Goes to Venice
In her first brand-new adventure in three years, Olivia takes her discerning eye for style to beautiful Venice on a family vacation that involves dodging pigeons in the Piazza San Marco and "barely" staying afloat in a gondola. Full color.
When not telling Olivia's story Ian Falconer designs sets and costumes for the New York City Ballet, the San Francisco Opera, and the Royal Opera House in London.

He lives in New York City.

The Olivia book series are recommended for
Baby / Preschool aged children.

In 2009 the Olivia series are featured in the MYER Christmas window display in Melbourne.
Olivia [With CD (Audio)]
Olivia [With CD (Audio)]
Featuring Falconer's "New York Times"-bestselling pig, these book-and-CD packages each contain the original hardcover and an exclusive audio CD recorded by the internationally renowned Dame Edna. Full color.
Olivia... and the Missing Toy: The Gift Set Collection with CD (Audio) and Hardcover Book(s)
Olivia... and the Missing Toy: The Gift Set Collection with CD (Audio) and Hardcover Book(s)
Falconer's beloved and bestselling piglet Olivia stars in this gift set that includes a hardcover edition of "Olivia . . . and the Missing Toy," an audio CD featuring a reading by the inimitable Dame Edna, and a miniature edition of "Olivia Saves the Circus." Full color.
Olivia the Gift Set Collection
Olivia the Gift Set Collection
The Gift Set Collection includes a hardcover picture book plus 2 exclusives (available only in this gift set ) - a CD recording of 'Olivia' by Dame Edna, and a collectible miniature hardcover of 'Olivia...and the Missing Toy'.
Olivia Helps with Christmas
Olivia Helps with Christmas
Olivia, everyones favorite porcine heroine and star of the Caldecott Honor-winning "Olivia," is back in an all-new holiday adventure. As Kris Kringles #1 enthusiast, she busies herself by preparing for Christmas.
Olivia is a gorgeous little pig who likes to dress up, sing songs, dance, think, snooze and is even quite good at making sandcastles. At the end of the day she snuggles up in bed and her mother reads her a story and Olivia feels very full of love.

Olivia Saves the Circus
Olivia Saves the Circus
It's show-and-tell time at Olivia's school and she's telling her class about the time she went to the circus and all the performers were Olivia had to do everything. She tamed the lions, balanced on stilts, juggled and even played the clown. 'Was that true?' Olivia's teacher asks. 'Quite true,' says Olivia. 'Are you sure Olivia?' 'To the best of my recollection,' she says.

Olivia's Opposites

Olivia's Opposites
She's up, she's down, she's plain, she's fancy. Children are invited to keep up with busy Olivia as she changes her mind about everything in this spirited book about opposites. Full color. (Baby/Preschool)

Olivia ... and the Missing Toy
Olivia ... and the Missing Toy
Olivia has one toy that she loves more than anything. She feeds him, dresses him and takes him everywhere. So when he disappears, Olivia is furious! She looks under the rug, under the sofa, and under the cat. She shouts at Ian and baby William, she cries, and she stomps, all to no avail. Then, one dark and stormy night, Olivia hears a noise. Clutching a candelabra, she creeps bravely into her bedroom, and sees a huge menacing shadow on the wall. Who is this monster, and what's that hanging from his jaws? All is resolved peacefully in this entertaining story starring our favorite pig and her favorite toy.
Olivia Forms a Band Olivia Forms a Band
There are going to be fireworks tonight, and Olivia can hardly wait to hear the band. But when she finds out that there isn't going to be a band, she can't understand why not. How can there be fireworks without a band?! And so Olivia sets to putting a band together herself..."all" by herself. Using pots, pans, her brother's toys, and even her father's suspenders, Olivia forms a band spectacular enough to startle any audience. Lavishly brought to life in Ian Falconer's signature style, and introducing an eye-catching shade of blue, here is Olivia doing what Olivia does best -- making noise.
Olivia Counts [Board book] Olivia Counts [Board book]
Children can join the adorable little piglet as she counts from one to ten, in a charming board book that is teeming with numbers and fun!
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Olivia, Busy Little Piggy

Harry Potter Boxed Sets
Harry Potter Boxed sets are beautiful to own 
and make wonderful gifts! 
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Harry Potter Boxed sets are beautiful to own
and make wonderful gifts!
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